The Invisible of the Visible

Front Row and Charles Lim Project Space, Singapore, 2008

The Invisible of the Visible exhibition was the launch of the myfashionindustries label at the Front Row, fashion boutique in Singapore. I used the Made in the Philippines shirt as a link to the production conditions of the Cavite Economic Zone. Questions of access and locality are set off on different levels throughout the project: The shirt functioned for me as an „entry ticket“ into the free trade zone because unless one is an employee within the restricted zone, one can only access this place as an investor. Here the shirt functions again as an „entry ticket“ to another place in the exhibition. Only buyers of the shirt were exclusively accredited to visit the second part of the exhibition (a multichannel video installation) at the Squash Court studio/project-space of Charles Lim. This exclusivity provides a visual proximity to the labour aspect of the shirt. The exhibition addresses the alienation that is problematic, but common in our perception of commodities and it reflects the concept of the shirt in a spatial way.
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