MMK Frankfurt, 2002

Quote was a site-specific project, that I realized for the MMK Frankfurt in the public space. For the realization I collaborated with the artist Peter Lütje. The Museumsuferfest lasts for one weekend with a special program of the museums and lots of stands for drinking and food at the river. For me it was absurd, when the first information that I received about the Museumsuferfest was the fact that in the last year there had been 2.7 million visitors. This was the starting point for Quote. The idea was to set up an experimental “counting unit” to playfully verify this huge number. Inside an ordinary steel container I placed a turnstile. The turnstile was connected with four slide projectors that were loaded with slides, which I photographed in the city of Frankfurt, showing numbers from zero to nine in numerical order. With a special slide projector control it was possible to show numbers from 0000 to 9999. Every visitor who was passing the turnstile activated the slide projector control and the number shown on the projection increased. At the end of the Museumsuferfest the number was only 8128.
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