Space Hamilton, Seoul, 2010

Space Hamilton was an independent art space in Seoul, which was located in a side street only 200 meters away from the Comme des Garçons flag ship store. I cleaned the store-front-like-window and built a box indoors to create a white cube space, which I filled with items from the Made In North Korea collection. On the window is a white text, which is an excerpt from the online education that South Koreans have to pass, when applying for a visa to visit Kaesong Industrial Complex in North Korea. It is a crash course in North-South relations, which expresses the political intentions of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The black text on the back are headlines from the newspaper articles from the Made In North Korea artist book, which all refer to the Kaesong Industrial Complex. I was interested to juxtapose two very different rhetorics though both texts refer to the same topic.
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