Malta Festival, Poznan, 2012

mysaleshow is structured like a flea market. The audience may stroll and communicate with the artist and the actors. Fleischmann offers products that he produced with his business art projects, such as chocolate, chicken eggs, lamps, watches, carbon credits and the Malta Festival promotion shirts. This variety is as schizophrenic as what we know, but never understood from other multinational, diversified business conglomerates. Fleischmann acts out this schizophrenia together with eight alter egos. Each of them represents another business/product. They will take the audience on a journey that starts with a herb tea from Fleischmann's hometown and ends in a special economic zone on North Korean territory where he designed and produced the Malta Festival shirt. His personal artistic micro-narrative tells a capitalist fairy tail of success. While others fly high, Fleischmann's project is like a low-level flight, where the grounds of our capitalist system remain in sight.
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