"Since 1997 I have been creating a business conglomerate. The art projects create profit, which I have been continuously re-investing completely. This means the projects themselves create the budget for my next artistic investment."

myKiosk was a project, which I began in 1998 in my studio at the Staedelschule art academy. I started the project by buying four boxes of different sweets in a wholesale shop and offering them on a table in my studio for self-service. Some people paid, some did not. Nevertheless this lead to a profit, that I reinvested permanently in buying new products. I kept each box that was bought for mykiosk and noted the date of purchase on the bottom of the box. The boxes were used for different temporary installations. Every year I made a report in the form of a lecture, where I explained very meticulously the growth of the business. The project stopped when I graduated and left my studio in the Staedelschule in 2002. The profit was invested in the realization of new projects, e.g. mysolarpowerplant. The growth of the subsequent business projects evolved in the formation of myconglomerate.
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