"I am independent from the pressure of profit maximization."

myforestfarm is a carbon offset program in the form of a reforestation project in partnership with Thomas Daquioag and Renato Habulan located in the mountains near Antipolo City, Philippines. We started to develop 17000 sqm of deforested land in June 2008. In the first stage 500 fruit trees were planted. In 2009 more than 1000 forest trees followed. The effectiveness of tree-planting offsets faces controversy, the logic of the carbon credit market questionable. myforestfarm is an experiment to research on these issues with an artistic approach. myforestfarm encourages you to evaluate the project yourself through our empirical and visual methodology. No electric tools are used, except for our digital camera. The camera creates visual accessibility to myforestfarm. Like with any image there is a seductiveness and distortion that is out of our control and that creates a world of its own. This project is an attempt to map, localize and describe these relations. myforestfarm is a laboratory for visual production, an investigation into how images come into the world and what kind of realities these images create. More info on
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