Festival BOM, Arko Theater, Seoul, 2011

“With his new work entitled myfashionshow, Fleischmann steps literally into unchartered territory with his art. His exploration of North Korea´s special economic zone is transformed into an immersive theater environment that leads the spectator on an imaginary business trip from South to North Korea. Moving from the lobby, across the theater and backstage, becomes a metaphorical journey through the borderlines, production conditions, business privileges, educational purposes and media rhetoric around the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The activities are centered around the catwalk, which divides the stage into two parts. The models move in slow motion as a counter statement against the speed of the fashion industry, while master of ceremonies Young June Lee guides spectator-protagonists through the evening, performing live critique in the style of a Brechtian moderator. Fleischmann is launching the format of a fashion show towards a paradigm shift in our perception of commodities. His contextual approach makes the oft-obscured relationship between labour and commodity the subject matter in myfashionshow. While the myfashionshow trip is imaginary, the protagonists are authentic. The owner of the factory, where the garments were produced, grants the spectators an audience while the seamstress is re-enacting the sewing of the original sample shirts in real time.” (from the press release)
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