myconcepstore (Sharjah)

Sharjah Art Foundation, 2012

myconceptstore (Sharjah) is a shop that displays a variety of products from my previous economic projects. In Sharjah myconceptstore showcases a new product – a chandelier created by artist Sunju Park. This chandelier is both a light source and a structure within which the other products are displayed. At this fully functioning store, visitors may purchase any of the commodities on display. myconcepstore (Sharjah), 2012 Installation, mixed materials with "Chandelier-19989/바겐펠드-Wagenfeld" by artist Sunju Park from mycheongjuchandelierchohab (a project by Dirk Fleischmann) Work courtesy of the artist and Sunju Park "Chandelier-19989/바겐펠드-Wagenfeld" by artist Sunju Park produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
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