Missing Money

51 expired soft drinks turned art objects, signed, 2004

The project mykiosk stopped when I graduated and left my studio in the Staedelschule in 2002. At the end there were 51 items not sold. At the same time the final calculation showed that 1316,31 Euro were missing in the surplus, because over the years several people did not pay and items got lost or spoilt. In the installation Missing Money theses 51 items were strung together. The eat-by date was then expired, so they lost their use-value. I decided to sign each item and declare them as art objects. The items were then offered for 25,81 Euro each. If they were all sold they would compensate for the missing money (25,81 Euro x 51 = 1316,31 Euro). This relation ship is nonsensical and is used as an absurd pretext to define an arbitrary price for these objects as they were transformed into art.
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