Made in the Philippines

Azita Store, Frankfurt, 2010

myfashionindustries triggers issues of commodity fetishism by redefining the oft-obscured relationship between labour and commodity. The project discloses the production process of the designs with an extensive documentation method and relates it to the wider trade perspective in a global context. The Made in the Philippines shirts were manufactured by CS Garment Inc., located inside the Cavite Economic Zone in Rosario, Philippines. I have documented the production of the shirts in the factory and the living conditions of the labourers. It is a portrait of the workers, the factory and the urban situation in relation to the largest free trade zone in the Philippines. The web-site contains an archive of 36 videos, that I recorded during one month, when the production took place. It shows how the shirt was made, who fabricated the garments and where the production actually took place. The po-up presentation took place at a regular fashion store in Frankfurt for one day, only.
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