Festival Junger Talente, Offenbach, 2000

The Festival Junger Talente was an exhibition where only selected students from the academy of applied arts, Offenbach, and the academy of fine arts, Staedelschule, Frankfurt, were participating. Before the exhibition, I announced a competition for the students of the academy of applied arts, Offenbach. The competition was about proposing a name and designing a logo for my micro holding (kiosk operations, trailer rental, free-range chicken egg production, solar energy solution). The proposals were shown on a partition wall and I set up a jury, consisting of students from both academies. We were discussing the proposals in the exhibition, open to the public. The winner got a prize fee of 2000 DM, which was my exhibition budget. I was interested in trying to make transparent the process of finding a corporate identity, more than really using it. However I did not use the prize-winning logo or the name later for my business operations.
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