Little Nature (myforestfarm preview)

Basis, Frankfurt a. M., 2010

The set up of the installation was inspired by traditional oriental landscape paintings on paper rolls. Often you can find comments or critiques by the viewers of the painting as notes directly on the painting or even in the landscape. It was fascinating for me that the discourse about the art work became physically a part of the work. Sometimes this kind of discourse continued for decades and centuries. Different forms of representation of myforestfarm are juxtaposed in the installation: text and photographic images as well as speech and video images. On the wall hangs a text about myforestfarm by a Korean art critic in Hangeul, which was produced in the style of a photography. In front of that lies a 30 meter paper role with the photo archive from myforestfarm. In the two synchronized videos our agriculture consultant Gabby Mondragon walks through the farm and explains the various plantings.
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