Fiat Money (Pigeon)

What is Art Worth, Daegu, 2011

Fiat Money is a financial term that denotes fresh money in our financial system. The terminology is inspired from the Genesis in the Bible (Fiat Lux (Latin): Let there be light) Fiat Money is a project about the myths that surround artistic creation as well as how money comes into the world. In the exhibition the only intervention was that one window was open so that a pigeon may enter the space and my name plate had this text: „Isn‘t it mysterious how a carrier pigeons is able to find its delivery destination over hundreds of kilometres? Now for the exhibition there is a pigeon, which was trained professionally to fly back to Daegu Bank from various locations in Korea. During the exhibition period the bird is supposed to appear at random times at the venue. It will always carry a different amount of money with it. Once arrived, the money may be obtained by the exhibition visitor who witnesses the occurrence of the carrier pigeon. In this way the production budget of 500,000 KRW will be distributed among the visitors.“
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